Panel Management Tutorial



This panel only complies with the Mplayer App

The Mplayer App is specially designed for Stalker, XC and Ministra based portals

Though our app is modified from the STB Emulator app, we provide backend tools to manage the app  We are not providing any contents or supporting a specific portal.



1. Home Screen Overview

Login to the management panel to open the home screen.

Login screen


Home Screen


2. Accessing Portals

Go to the Portal page to see your portals.

Most major portals will already be included. However, you are welcome to add more portals to your list.

Only we have control over portal information. If you would like to change a portal’s name, let us know and we will be happy to assist you.



3. Creating a Group

  1. Go to the Device page to make your own group
  2. Make a name for your group in Name
  3. Under Available portals, select the portals you wish to carry
  4. Click Choose to transfer the selected portals into the Chosen portals section
  5. Click Save

You will now be able to control the portals in your group with the Mplayer App

1)Group Name  2)Choosing portal  3)Move to my portal

You can find your created groups under the Portal page

You can create as many groups as needed. You have the option to send individual groups or combine multiple portals into a single multi-portal.


4. Accessing Active Codes

The Active code is given by admin, or from your super dealers.

  1. Go to the Distributor page and click the Active codes tab
  2. All available codes will appear with information on the dealer and time created

You can give these codes to your customer to activate their Mplayer App.

Active codes can be transferred to other dealers. However, this will also transfer ownership to the new dealers.

 4.1 Operating Activate codes for customers

Customers require Activation codes to operate the Mplayer App which is connected to their box.

You can find Activate codes on the Device page, under the Devices tab

Here, you will be able to manage all your customers.

Here, you will be able to:

  • Change Groups
  • Delete users
  • Sort by Device ID, Group, Active code, Model name, SN, Mac and IPS
  • Add customer information (Name, Email, Phone number)

The servers will be shown on the Mplayer Server page as shown below:


After Choose Group

4.2 Transferring Active Codes to Dealers

First, you must create a dealer

  1. Go to the Distributor page and click the Users tab
  2. The Add user page will open as shown below
  3. Fill the form and click Save

Go back to the Users tab to see your created dealers.

Click on the dealer you would like to transfer an Activate code to.

Once you clicked on your chosen Dealer, the page below will appear:

  1. Select the code you would like to send under Available Active code
  2. Once selected, click Choose to transfer the code to the Chosen Active code section
  3. Click Save to send the active codes

You can only take back sent codes as long as they are not used by the dealer’s customers.